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Paragone is a cross-channel advertising platform on social, combining our data aggregation technology, alongside unified activation and a suite of automation & customization tools.

Paragone Modules


One of Paragone's strongest capability is our cross-channel reporting platform.

Our unique technology aggregates data from multiple sources to provide you with a holistic view of all your advertising activity. Whether it's getting your total spend, conversions or even analyzing the various breakdowns such as demographics, creatives and more - You can finally have a true understanding of your advertising.

Along with our customizations and integrations, you'll be able to analyze your activity from business perspective.

More on reporting can be found here.

Campaign Creation

Our campaign creation has a unified UI, regardless of the network you're creating a campaign with. One of the strongest features is the ability to create bulk audiences and creatives in a single campaign, making your scalability much more productive and quicker. More on campaign creation can be found here.

Automation & Customization Tools

Our suite of tools offers you everything you need to automate your campaign automation, while also creating your dream dashboards.

More about these tools can be found here.

Campaign Calendar

Get an overview of all of your campaigns, regardless of the networks, understanding exactly what's live, what's performing, which markets are you targeting and more.\

More on campaign calendar can be found here.

Benchmarking (Market Grade)

Market Grade is our cross-channel planning tool, allowing you to understand exactly which networks work best with which industries, all the way to the specific ad format & placement. Our scoring is based on a huge database that always updates to make sure your starting point is optimal.

Team Management

With Paragone, you can have the most granular permissions settings you want, all the way to defining which metrics certain users can see, or which objectives can they create campaigns with.

More about setting up roles & permissions can be found here


Paragone integrations includes:

  • Ad Platforms: Meta, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Google

  • Custom data upload (offline data or new channels)

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