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What are the different roles available to users?
What are the different roles available to users?

From Admin to Viewers, we've prepared roles for everyone!

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We've actually tried to make it even more customizable than this!

From your profile page, you can manage rights granted to users in your team: 

From here, you can either invite new members to your team, or edit the rights of people already in your team. Either way, you can manage the same rights: 

Regular roles

The drop down gives you the option to change the role of the user (ranging from Admin to Viewer, and giving you the option to customize rights completely):

  • As an Admin, you can grant rights to anyone else, as well as creating Campaigns and use the full extent of the reporting capabilities of the platform. 

  • As a User, you can create campaigns, use all of the options for reporting on the platform, but you can't change other user's rights. 

  • As a Viewer, you can only use the reporting part of the platform. You cannot change the rights of anyone, and you can't create campaigns either.

For all of these roles, you can customize even more the rights granted, with all of the checkboxes under. We'll look into each of them so you know what you're getting into! 


The first one is related to the available metrics in reports:

If you tick that box, you will have to select all of the metrics you wish to display to the user you're managing. All of the available metrics are taken from your ad account's data (meaning Offline conversions would only appear if you have some already). 

Filters and Breakdowns

The next option is related to what the user will be able to add as a filter or a breakdown in any of their reports. Similarly to the previous option, if you tick the checkbox, you will have to select all of the attributes you wish to grant the user the access to. 

Facebook and Twitter Ad Accounts

You can choose to share specific Facebook or Twitter ad Accounts to users. 

Facebook Pages

You can also share specific Pages:

That covers all of the basic roles available to you.
If you're interested in the custom roles, you can read about it here!

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