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The Campaigns Calendar is a completely new way to visualize your advertising activities in real-time and follow up on the evolution of your main KPIs and spend.

Once you have connected your ad accounts to the platform, you can access the Campaigns Calendar view by clicking on the button highlighted in red below:

Within the Campaigns Calendar, every line represents a campaign with the corresponding start and end dates.

You can easily check the spending and performance of your main KPI by hovering over the campaigns as shown below. The colored line under the name of the campaigns represents the current spend.

The campaigns can be grouped on this view by products, phases, etc. So that you can have a better visualization of your project.

But the beauty of this view is that it helps you easily solve questions you might have about your project and identify bottlenecks in a few clicks so that you can decide where to focus next.

For example, you can easily filter the campaigns that are underperforming and that belong to a specific business dimension defined on the Labels. You can see that example in the following animation:

It is possible to open the Campaign Report from this view by clicking on the name of the campaign, the name of the group, or by selecting the campaigns and clicking on Grouping report as displayed below. This could be useful if you would like to get more information on the selected campaigns.

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