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Labels - What they are and how to use them
Labels - What they are and how to use them

Build enhanced and relevant reports with no effort!

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The Labels feature allows you to split your campaigns into segments that are relevant to your business to build more insightful reports. By using labels, you'll be able to understand which business units, products, etc have performed the best across ad accounts and channels and make better decisions on where to invest next. ๐Ÿ’ก

To start creating Labels go to your profile and click on the option highlighted below:

Click on "+Create a new label" and give a name to it (In our example below: Business Line)

Once your Label is created, you can start tagging the campaigns that belong to each section, product, category, etc with the value of the label that you want to assign in each case. There are two options to do so:

1- From the dashboards:

Select your campaigns and apply a label value in bulk as shown below.

2- From the Label section:

Click on the Label that you have just created and assign a value to the group of campaigns that are relevant.

Once you have finished this process, you'll be able to use the Labels in your widgets (as a grouping or filter) to build insightful multichannel and cross-ad account reports by product, business unit, product line, etc, such as the one shown below.

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