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Campaign Creation - Objective Step
Campaign Creation - Objective Step

What's important to know about choosing objectives

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Choosing campaign objective, regardless of the channel, impacts the entire campaign creation flow.

It defines what audience you can target, which ad formats you can use and what settings will be available for you to choose from.

Campaigns objectives usually split into three categories:

  • Awareness
    Get as many users you can to be aware of your product, service or brand, without requiring them to perform a certain action

  • Consideration
    Get users to perform a simple action, whether clicking your ads, signing up as leads, or simply engaging with your ad via like or comment.

  • Conversion
    Get users to perform the most significant action that'll impact your ROAS, whether it's a purchase, deposits within an app or more.

Additional settings for Facebook campaigns

By clicking the gear icon on the far right of the objective step, you'll be able to filter your objectives according to the following:

Choosing any of the above will narrow the objectives you can choose from.

To find out which objective we currently support in Paragone, please click here

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