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Creating a TikTok Campaign - Bidding, Budget and other final settings
Creating a TikTok Campaign - Bidding, Budget and other final settings

You're almost done with your TikTok campaign, let's fine tune it now!

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We're almost done! Let's look at the details you need to figure out before launching your campaign.

Main Settings

As usual, don't forget to choose a Campaign name, as well as a Campaign group where your Campaign will be sorted.

Then, choose your Campaign KPI (if you need more info on this, you can read some here).

At this point set your budget, either daily or lifetime. The advanced options give you the possibility to set a daily as well as a lifetime spend cap and define margin if needed.

Bid & advanced settings

This section might be different depending on your campaign objective, for the sake of this example, we will assume the objective is Conversions.

1- Select the Pixel that you'll use to track the events on your website. If you haven't installed the TikTok pixel yet, you can follow this guide to install it.

2- Select the main pixel event you would like to optimize your campaign for.

3- Optimization goal: Based on your selection, TikTok will show the ads to users who have more chances to click on your ad or to perform an action on your website.

4- Billing event: This will determine when you pay for your ad.

5- Bid: There are different options that you can select in this section.

Standard- With this bidding strategy, the system will prioritize controlling average cost per result around or lower than your bid. In this configuration, it is mandatory to provide a bid value.

When using the Standard bid you can also define that you'll optimize on clicks until you get enough conversions by clicking on the checkbox "Use another strategy during learning phase"

Max conversion (without bid value)- If you select Max conversion as your bid strategy and do not input any bid value, it means you are interested in getting as many conversions as possible and will let the TikTok algorithm handle the bid. This might increase the cost per conversion but will try to make sure that you spend the budget defined.

Max conversion (with bid value)- This bid strategy will also prioritize the delivery of the campaign over the cost per conversion within a limited range defined by your bid value.

If you are not sure which bid fits best your needs you can have a look at this article.

This is all for the settings, now you can move to the next step where you'll find the summary of all your campaign and you'll be able to launch it.

In the Summary step, remember that you can use the Campaign Axes if you would like to distribute the ads to specific audiences. You can find more details about this here.

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