What are Campaign Axes?

Assigning the correct ad to its ad set is painful if you're managing a big campaign: here's our solution!

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Having multiple creatives and multiple ad sets, but not wanting to have a combination of all of them is always a headache. 

By default, the Paragone platform is always combining all of the creatives and ad sets you're creating, and it is up to you to take ads out of ad sets. 

Warning: Ad sets and Audiences are here going to be referred to as being the same throughout the article. 

So, let's get down to business! 

Where are the Axes? 

You can find Axes in the top left of your screen, when you're in the Summary Step, like so:

Click on the 'Create axes' button, and it will open a new screen for you to play with: 

How do Axes work? 

Once you've entered the Axes screen, you are now free to associate any creative(s) to any ad set(s).
On the left, you'll always find the Ad Sets (here called Audiences), and on the right will always be the Creatives. 

By default, you will have your first Axe created, under the name Axe 1. You can edit the name by clicking on the Pen next to it:

Each Axe is a combination of however many ad sets and creatives you deem necessary. You can create up to 100 axes per campaign.

To associate an ad set to a creative, simply click on one ad set on the left:  

Then one creative on the right side: 

Once you've done so, you've just created a basic axis, combining one ad set and one creative!

Axes are always highlighted with colors, so you can quickly identify which creative goes with which ad set. 

If you want to create more combinations, you will need to click on the 'New axis' button, you will end up with multiple sets of colors:

A creative can be added to several ad sets, and ad sets can use several creatives (that will lead to the screenshot above, where you can see several stickers on the side of the ad, showing which axes they are linked to). 

One limitation to keep in mind is that you can't have more than one ad set per axis.

This is the most basic version of Axes you will find. If you want to learn about more advanced options, here's where you need to look! 

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