What's the Campaign KPI?

One of our company specific metrics, explained in a few words!

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You might have seen the Paragone Campaign KPI here and there in the platform, and not even noticed it! 

What is this metric? 

The Campaign KPI is something you will have to set for yourself. It will help you keep in mind what you are trying to achieve with your campaign. 

It will simply display an indicator, from green to orange, that will tell you whether or not you're achieving results that fit the target you had set for yourself. This does not have an impact on your campaign.

Where can I see this metric? 

You'll see it in your Dashboards: 

And in Campaign Reports, both in the rightmost bubble...  

... and the table under it: 

Finally, you'll be able to set it yourself in the Campaign Creation flow, in the settings step! 

Or you can also edit this value from the reporting views:

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