Getting started with TikTok

Useful tips before you launch your first TikTok campaigns!

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In this article, we will review some of the steps and important information to take into account before you launch your first TikTok campaigns.

  • To start running Ads on TikTok you first need to create a TikTok account in its platform. You can follow the process of this article to create one.

  • You'll also need a business manager and ad accounts to start advertising on TikTok. Currently, TikTok's self-service platform is in beta and accounts can only be opened through a TikTok account manager or client service for most of the countries. If your business is located in France, Great Britain, India, Italy, Spain, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the US you can open your account by following the instructions here.

  • Once your ad accounts are created in TikTok and your payment method is well set-up you can connect the ad accounts to Paragone by following the process described in this article.

Some useful articles to review before you start the campaign creation process are the following ones:

If you are ready to start advertising on TikTok we can guide you through the process of campaign creation in our platform. The first step👣 is here.

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