To start creating a campaign in TikTok, you'll need to select the objective first, design your audience after, then create a creative and finish up with your settings!

So we'll go through each of these steps to make sure everything is clear. Here's what you will see once you get started on your campaign:

You might be familiar with those objectives if you have previously managed campaigns for other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Snapchat. But let's review what they do!



Selecting Traffic as an objective means that your goal is to send people to your website when they interact with the call to action.


Selecting Conversions as an objective means that your goal is to send people to your website (as with the traffic objective) and in addition, you want your campaign to be optimized based on the interactions of the users on your website sent through the TikTok pixel. A full guide to installing the pixel can be found here.


App Installs

Selecting the App Installs objective for your campaign means that your aim is to get people to install your app on their mobile devices. TikTok is compatible with multiple tracking partners than can be found here.

To be able to use this or the App traffic objective, you would need to first create an app on Tiktok's Adsmanager following the instructions here.

App Traffic

The App traffic objective aims to get people to use your app more often or start using it again. It's a vital objective for you to build customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Once you have selected your objective, you can go on to select your targeting!

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