Building your audience for a TikTok campaign is a similar process compared to other networks. Let's review the whole step so that you can tell the differences.

Selecting the destination website or app:

TikTok requires that you select the destination app or website at the ad set level, because of that, this will be the first thing that you are requested to input at the top of the page.

If you are promoting an app, you need to first register it, in TikTok Adsmanager following these instructions. Once your app is registered, you will find it in the drop-down menu to select.

You can input multiple destination links or applications but take into account that this will automatically create a new ad set.

Ad tags (required):

An Ad Tag is a way to help TikTok's algorithm to understand your business and deliver the ad to the most relevant people. By using the Ad tags you are supposed to describe your business; Examples of tags that you can use are "app", "tech", "fashion", "e-commerce", "travel", etc. You can select up to 20 tags in this field.

Remember that if you are planning to use the same tags often you can save your audience with the button highlighted in red below, and load the audience later with the button highlighted in green.

Category (required):

This is another field that will help TikTok better deliver your ads to the most relevant audience. You can select only one category per audience.


The next section of your targeting is demographics. In this section, you'll be able to select the countries and/or cities where you would like your ad to be displayed, genders, ages, and languages. The age targeting in TikTok comes in buckets as shown below.

Advanced Targeting:

You can narrow your targeting and define it more precisely in this section by targeting people interested in specific topics within TikTok. Keep in mind that if your objective is to ensure delivery across all placements the best is to leave this field empty as placements that don't support interest targeting will be automatically excluded if you use interest targeting.


When setting up a TikTok campaign you'll have the possibility to display your ad in the TikTok Ad's family of apps. The availability of the placements depends on the location of your business and the country you are targeting.

Please check the restrictions on this link, before choosing your placement. You'll also more details about each placement on the same link.

Once you're done with your Audience, you can move on to the Creative Step!

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