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Creating a TikTok Campaign - Adding Creatives, preparing your ad
Creating a TikTok Campaign - Adding Creatives, preparing your ad

TikTok Campaigns: Ad format, creative and message, let's learn all about it here!

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Now that you have added an audience to your campaign, it's time to design the ad your audience will see on TikTok.

The screen you find will be similar to the following one:

On the upper side of the screen, you can change the placement where you would like to see the preview.

The ad will be created for all the placements you selected in your audience and will be adapted depending on where it is displayed.

Before you start creating your ad, please, make sure that your assets follow the minimum specifications for videos or images defined by TikTok. It is highly recommended that your video has background music or sound.


The text that you input on this field will be displayed at the bottom of your ad on TikTok.

The maximum number of characters that you can input is 100 and the minimum is 12, please, avoid exaggerations or absolute descriptions (such as "The Best", "The Most", "No. 1", etc.) as your ad may be disapproved by TikTok.

Call to action

This will define the label used in the button on the lower part of the ad that when clicked will redirect users to your website or app.

Select/Upload an image or video

You can either select a video or image previously used in your ads or upload new content.

As with other networks, you can create multiple versions of the same ad by using the "+" buttons in the form.

Once you are comfortable with your selection you can click on the button "Create x creatives" to add them to your campaign.

Now let's move forward to the settings step!

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