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Release Notes - January 14th, 2024
Release Notes - January 14th, 2024
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Main Highlights

Reddit Integration

Reddit has now joined our list of channels to be monitored & viewed in our Reporting module. As always, we made sure each metric & dimension is cross-channel, so you view both detailed and aggregated views.

To find more, please visit our dedicated article.

Other Updates

  • Meta API has now upgraded to V18 across all modules

  • Following their recent API updated, we've added the new "Profile ID" field to Snapchat campaign creation, in the creative step.

  • We've added "Created by" column to the new brand page, so you can understand who shared their accounts with which user.

Bug Fixes

  • Due to some performance issues, we've temporarily hidden the new "Brand name" filter, until it'll be resolved

  • Fixed several issues with the new permissions mechanism

  • Fixed UI issue with left nav bar in Administration Module

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