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Our newest integration will keep you up to date with today's social trends!

Written by Oleksandr Hryhoriev
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This integration allows you to import and analyze Reddit Ads in Paragone, either by deep diving into your Reddit campaigns or gaining cross channel insights with our other available channels.



Prior to connecting to Paragone, each user should be allow listed by Reddit Ads to share data by API. To request the access please contact your Reddit sales representative or contact their support via email [email protected]

This process might take a few days: requests are processed every Tuesday and Thursday.

After you are allow listed you can start importing your Reddit data to Paragone.

Step 1

Go to Paragone's ad accounts page, click ‘Add new ad account’ and select Reddit:

Step 2

Allow Paragone to integrate with Reddit:

Step 3

To find the ad account IDs associated with your user:

  1. Select the business to which your ad account belongs

  2. Your ad account ID is specified under the ad account name

Step 4

Copy + Paste the ad account ID(s) to the form and press 'Enter' after each entry.

Once you’ve entered all ad accounts you want to import, click ‘Import ad account’. The data will appear within 24 hours.

If you need statistics for more than 1 year back from the date of import, please contact us via a support ticket.

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