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Release Notes - May 7th, 2023
Release Notes - May 7th, 2023
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Main Highlights

Offline Data Matching

Now you can upload your offline data and match it with your existing social channels to gain a deeper understanding of how your advertising efforts translate into real-world outcomes. Connect your eCommerce vendors or CRMs to your social campaigns, provide the entity ID, and our advanced matching algorithms will take care of the rest.

Gain accurate data and insights to make data-driven decisions and optimize your advertising efforts like never before.

More about this feature can be found here

Overlapping Reach

Now you can easily measure the unique audience size that your brand reaches across multiple social channels. Our Overlapping Reach feature utilizes advanced algorithms to accurately calculate your audience size range, taking into account overlaps between channels. Stay ahead of the competition and maximize your advertising efforts with our newest addition to the platform.

Meta's ODAX Integration

We've integrated ODAX objective to our Meta activation flow. Please notice, this is currently in beta, so if you require early access to it, please contact us via the support portal or your CS representative.

Other Updates

  • We've improved our aggregation logic of widgets, by restricting summing up of dimensions (i.e. non-summable values). That means you won't see rows with multiple string concatenated, which made the widget unreadable.

  • We've improved our creative library logic, to allow using non-eligible posts as a duplicate.

  • We're in the final steps of migrating from our old infrastructure to a more stable one, which means you'll encounter less bugs and higher performance.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with missing data for video metrics using Instagram breakdown

  • Fixed issues with auto-promote feature and migrated it to a more stable code

  • Fixed issue with campaign creation for Page likes objective (ODAX)

  • Fixed issue with creative grouping for LinkedIn

  • Fixed issue with misleading UI for attribution window default

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