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Release Notes - December 25th, 2022
Release Notes - December 25th, 2022
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Main Highlights

Dashboard Sharing Enhancement

We've now added the ability to limit your public links to be viewed only by specified organizations. This feature along with forcing viewers to log in to Paragone, will further protect your data from unwanted parties.

More about this feature can be read here.

Ad Accounts Selection Page for Activation

We've added a new step for our activation, with the ability to view all your available ad accounts.

Other Updates

  • We've modified the attribution window setting to meet with the latest update from Meta

  • We've updated our Lead download action for Meta to support their new API

  • We've added campaign start/end date for Twitter, since it was no longer supported due to their recent API change

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with the default KPI in Facebook's ODAX campaigns in reporting

  • Fixed issue with Meta creative previews by placement

  • Fixed issue with broken widgets due to LinkedIn grouping by creative

  • Fixed naming issue for Google performance max campaigns

  • Fixed issue with visuals not being displayed for Meta Engagement campaigns

  • Fixed multiple issues due to recent Twitter API change, where campaign no longer displayed start/end date.

  • Fixed multiple UI issues with the reporting module


  • Updated available Instagram accounts to be linked to Facebook page

  • Fixed loading issue with Facebook organic posts

  • Fixed issue with TikTok campaign creation

  • Fixed issue with LinkedIn campaign creation

  • Fixed multiple UI issues with the activation flow

  • Fixed issue with creating a new Lead form in Facebook

  • Updated warning message for TikTok budget setup

  • Fixed issue with adding organic posts on TikTok

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