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Here you'll find out how to share your reports both within and outside your organization

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With Paragone, you can easily share your live dashboards & reports to anyone inside your organization, our outside of it. This will give them a much better visualization and functionality than you would get from sharing an Excel or PDF file, not to mention - it'll always be up to date.

The share option is available in the top action bar:

Our sharing options:

Sharing dashboard templates

You can share your dashboard to any user that is connected to your organization in Paragone. This will create a copy of your dashboard's current state available for the selected users, in order to avoid changes to your own dashboard.

Sharing dashboard live data

With Paragone, you can also share your reports to anyone outside (or inside) your organization using a public link, presuming they have a Paragone account.

How to set up your public link:

  • Toggle the "share outside" button to generate a link

  • Enter the organization ID in order to share only to users that are part of this organization.

    • Users can find their organization ID under the Profile section

    • If you want to share internally, input your own organization ID

    • If you don't input any ID, the report could be viewed by anyone with a Paragone account.

  • Set up other permissions:

    • Change Timeframe (i.e., use the time period filter)

    • Display margin

    • Export data to excel

Once done, copy the link and share it to anyone you need.

Viewing the shared report

Upon clicking the link, the recipients of the link will redirect to our login page and will require to login to Paragone.

If they don't have an account with Paragone, they'll need to contact us at [email protected], where we'll set up an account for them within 24hrs.

Once the account is created, the user must click the shared report link again, and they'll be able to see it in the dashboard list.

(The report doesn't appear automatically in the dashboard list, and can only be accessed by clicking the link each time.)

Sharing Campaign Reports

Our campaign reports have other options for sharing than sharing regular dashboards.

You'll find the share button in top action bar as well:

When clicking on the share button, you'll find the following menu:

Each of these will control the visualization & customization of the shared report.

Once finished, you'll have the report link available to be shared.

You can create more than one configuration to share the report to different types of viewers.

As with any public link, this will also require the viewer to connect to Paragone.

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