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Release Notes - November 20th, 2022
Release Notes - November 20th, 2022
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Main Highlights

Automation & Customization Tools Menu

We've reorganized our various capabilities under one menu, called "Tools".

This contains all our automation & customization features.

For more information, visit this article.

New preset dashboards & visualization

We've revisited our preset dashboards collection and created brand new ones, with further details on each, including with the ability to filter them by your role (Executive, Manager or Media Buyer).

For more information, visit this article.

New cross-channel categories of metrics

As part of our ongoing parity with the networks, we've regrouped our metrics under cross channel categories, starting with Performance and Engagement:

  • Performance

    • Basic

    • Clicks

    • Other

  • Engagement

    • Post

    • Page (Profile)

    • Video

Other Updates

  • LinkedIn & Twitter reach metrics are now available in reporting

  • Added a new action to creatives in flow called "Copy Post ID". This will let you save the ID for quickly adding it in our "Add by ID/URL" feature.

  • We've modified the attribution window setting to meet with the latest update from Facebook (i.e. only 1 day view and 1 & 7 day click)

  • Updated LinkedIn's API

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where labels weren't displayed properly

  • Fixed an issue with the default KPI in Facebook's ODAX campaigns in reporting

  • Fixed issue with scrolling data table containing visuals

  • Fixed issue with statistics filter and label groupings

  • Fixed issue with duplicating Facebook DLO campaigns directly from reporting

  • Fixed issue with grouping by ad name on LinkedIn


  • Fixed an issue where past conversion domains weren't stored

  • Fixed an issue where Facebook's interest suggestion weren't shown

  • Fixed issue with character length limitation in TikTok creatives

  • Fixed issue with dynamic creative functionality in Facebook

  • Fixed issues with creation of TikTok campaigns

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