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Release Notes - August 28th, 2022
Release Notes - August 28th, 2022
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Main Highlights

Newly designed Custom Metrics

With this newly designed custom metric feature, you can create more complex formulas using brackets and simple input of metrics.

Reach and SKAN metrics for TikTok

We've added reach metric and dozens of SKAN metrics in TikTok, as part of our parity project.

Creation flow now supports drafts with Special Ad Category

You can now use our drafts feature with Special Ad Categories on Meta campaigns.

Other Updates

  • Moved Twitter's "Mobile App Re-Engagement" objective under Conversion column in activation

  • Updated Snapchat's API

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where TikTok audiences weren't displayed in public reports

  • Fixed UI naming issues in Creative & Ad breakdowns"

    • Ad>Ad will now be called "Name (by ID)"

    • Creative>Creative will now called "Post (by ID)"

  • Fixed issue with broken previews in Meta and Pinterest

  • Updated issue with custom metrics that weren't updated after edit

  • Updated naming for duplicated CPC metrics

  • Fixed issue with grouping of Twitter Pre-roll campaigns

  • Fixed issue with data not being displayed in campaign reports top stats


  • Updated French translation of Engagement objective in Meta to "Interactions"

  • Fixed issue with searching for custom audiences and interests in audience step

  • Fixed issue with campaign creation in Meta

  • Fixed issue with fetching of organic posts in Meta

  • Fixed several UI/UX issue in new activation flow.

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