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Create any metric you want to further customize your reports

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Under Customization>Custom Columns, you'll find the our newly designed Custom Metric feature:

Inside, you'll find three main areas:

  1. Metric naming

  2. Metric type (Numeric, Currency or Percentage)

  3. Formula

Building your formula

Selecting metrics

When building your formula, you can use any summable metric that is available within Paragone (Non-summable metrics such as reach and frequency aren't supported).

You can always edit your selected metric from within the formula itself)

Selecting operators

You can select any of the following 6 operators:

  • Addition +

  • Subtraction -

  • Multiplication *

  • Division /

  • Left Parenthesis (

  • Right Parenthesis )

Keep in mind, we use the standard mathematical ordering of operators in case no brackets are defined.

Inputting a number

You can input any number to the formula (including negatives)

Once completed, your formula will look something like this:

Then, when clicking "Save", it'll appear in the created formulas table:

Afterwards, you can go to your reporting and under "Custom Columns" you'll find the newly created metric.

Note: You cannot create a custom metric that contains another custom metric.

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