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Campaign Creation - Creative Step

Detailed information for creating creatives within Paragone

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In Paragone, you're able to create multiple creatives at once, by changing/duplicating only sub-sections of the creative, instead of all of it (as you usually do in native ads managers).

Keep in mind, different channels require different settings for creating creatives, which we'll detail further on. We'll now go over the different sections within this step, so you'll know how to get the most of this unique feature.

Section: Creative Setup

Different sources for creating creatives

  • New creative

  • Creative library

  • URL/ID of existing post

Creating new creatives

  1. First select the relevant page/profile for your creatives. This will effect the different assets you'll be able to use in the creative setup.

  2. Choose the ad format for the creative (Single image/video, carousel, etc.).
    โ€‹You can only use one ad format for a bulk creation set. (i.e. create multiple creatives all using one format, not a mix).
    After adding the set, you can create another using a different ad format.

  3. Input the relevant setup for the creative (Headline, Call-To-Action, URL, etc.)

  4. Add the media (image/video) from the media library (You can either upload new ones or select existing)

Duplicating specific creative categories

By clicking the "plus" icon next to each category, you can create another variation of that category, and an additional creative will be created automatically.

For example, you can split by various headlines, URLs, multiple images & videos and more. This will allow you to create dozens of various creatives within seconds.

Creative limitations

  • Facebook

  • Twitter
    800 x 418 pixels for 1.91:1 aspect ratio, 800 x 800 pixels for 1:1 aspect ratio (max 3mb)

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