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Getting some trouble while uploading an image to use in your creatives? Maybe you'll find the cause and a solution here!

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Paragone's platform enables you to build your own creatives on the social networks. To do so, you usually need to either use an image that is already hosted on those networks, or rather upload a new one.

We're frequently receiving questions about potential problems that can occur with this upload feature, hence the FAQ article below!

Q: Are the images hosted on Paragone?

A: No. The upload feature directly connects and uses the social network APIs. It means that once you selected an image to upload, this image is being sent to the actual network you're working with, then processed and stored there, in their own images' library. We do display the images that are currently hosted in those libraries.

Q: My image is getting saturated after I uploaded it, why?

A: This can happen depending on the image's color space used. We identified that JPEG images using a CMYK color space tends to be altered after processed. We would recommend either to use a PNG file, or a JPEG file using a RGB color space.

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