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How to force the refresh of your Facebook's token
How to force the refresh of your Facebook's token

Disconnect your Facebook Business Integration to regenerate a fresh, brand new token on the platform.

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Stuck with some permissions or login issues with your Facebook account on Paragone?

You might want to refresh your token to solve the problem.

Token ?

A token is a piece of code that contains what permissions and assets you allowed Paragone to manage on your behalf. This is mandatory to perform actions on the Facebook API as "you", so for instance manage your campaigns or create ads.

It contains your unique identifier on Facebook, the ad accounts/pages you want to be able to use on our system and a bunch of permissions you gave to Paragone (such ads "Ads Management" for example).

Usually, you just have to connect to the system from time to time to get your token refreshed. But sometimes, it might now work for external reasons (outages, breaking changes...).

How to force the refresh of my token?

Luckily, Facebook as an option to actually remove the integration between your account and the Paragone system.

First thing first: if you're connected to Paragone at the moment, close all of those tabs. You need to be disconnected to continue.

Then, head over Facebook using your Facebook account, and go to the Settings, then the Business Integrations category. Or, when connected to Facebook, follow this link.

Now, you should see "Paragone" listed in the Active business granted to use your profile. Select it, and press "Remove" to instantly revoke the token associated to this Business Integration.

DO NOT tick the "Also delete all posts, photos and videos on Facebook" - this would delete all of the posts/ads created with our tool.

Upon completion, go back to Paragone and connect using your Facebook account. You'll be prompted to give us access to the required rights to perform the operations on your behalf, on the Facebook API.

Congratulations, you've now generated a fresh token!

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