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Labels improvement: adset & ad levels
Labels improvement: adset & ad levels

Labels are now available for adsets and ads!

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Do you know how to use labels? If yes, go on reading but if not, here's a recap on how to set them!

How do I create labels for adsets and ads?

To create labels, you can go on your admin functions on the top right and click Labels

You can then hit the Create a new label button under Labels sub-tab

set a name and define the level - campaign, adset or ad - and hit Save!

How do I use labels?

In the same way you can apply labels on campaigns, you can now apply them to adsets or ads. Simply select the wanted assets, go to the action bar and click on Edit labels:

You'll then be able to set a label value:

Take the time to set your labels according to your needs in order to define segments that are relevant to your business and that will get you to get even more insights at every level. You'll indeed be able to unleash their potential when setting up your widgets by selecting them at the grouping or columns sections:

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