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I have a Facebook access token error message, how can I solve it?
I have a Facebook access token error message, how can I solve it?

Find out How to solve Facebook access token error

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To monitor the performances of your Facebook campaigns, we're dependent on the access you allow from Facebook ads manager.

There're various reasons your token can become invalid (security reason, permission lost, etc.). When you're in this case, you'll notice you can't see your audience and creative in your campaign reports and dashboards

or when creating a campaign:

or simply by noticing your data aren't getting updated.

How do I do?

Don't worry, this is easy to address!

From now on, when your token access is about to expire, we'll inform you in advance by sending you a notification at the top right, between your user settings and the search option (can you spot the bell below?) :

You can click on the bell then on the Refresh button in the notification. Clicking on this button will trigger a Facebook popup:

Follow the instructions and allow all the assets you need:

You should normally see a success message and can get back to business!

What if I miss the notifications?

If the platform can't retrieve a valid token, you'll see the error message below whether you're creating a campaign or checking a dashboard.

You'll just have to click on the link in the message and follow the instructions:

  • in the Facebook popup

  • if you're redirected to the ad account page, click on Add new ad account > click on Facebook network

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