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Add a naming strategy or tracking strategy to my imported Facebook campaigns
Add a naming strategy or tracking strategy to my imported Facebook campaigns

Add a naming or tracking strategy to native Facebook campaigns!

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Applying a naming and/or tracking strategy is a great capacity to help sort and track your campaigns easily. But it used to have a limitation: this could only apply to campaigns directly created in our platform and wasn't available on campaigns created on Facebook Ads Manager.

We've worked on that and are proud to announce that you can now apply our strategy features to native Facebook campaigns! That is apply:

  • a naming strategy

  • a tracking strategy

How do I do?

When your native campaigns are fetched and in our system, you can easily apply a naming and /or tracking strategy from a dashboard or a campaign report. Simply select the campaigns concerned and click on Add naming & tracking strategies in the action bar:

You'll be prompt to the popup below where you can choose the strategy of your choice. You can either select a naming or tracking strategy or even both!

What if a strategy is already present?

Bear in mind that if you apply a strategy to a campaign that already has one, the current strategy will be replaced with the new one. That means your campaign items will keep the previous strategies parameters but new ads will get the new strategy.

In brief, ads created or copied in the campaign after the strategy change will have the new strategy.

You can change the strategies to one campaign or do it on several campaigns at once too!

Don't know how to apply a naming strategy? We tell you all about it here!

Curious about how to set a tracking strategy? Let's find out more here :)

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