Because we know that some of the work of a Social Ads expert is very repetitive, and leads to multiple campaign creation; and we also know that knowing what each campaign does at the glimpse of an eye, we've come up with a solution! 

Introducing Naming Automation! 

In the same vein as the Automation strategies you can set up for specific actions, you can design Naming Strategies, to automatically name your Campaigns, Ad sets or Ads according to a specific template. 

This template can be a mix of several things: 

  • Dynamic Parameters, ranging from the campaign name, to placements used, or the objective of your campaign; 

  • Manual inputs (such as a specific prefix for each campaign for instance)

  • Custom Parameters (you can read more about them here)

But let's look exactly at how it works on the platform!

First, get to the Automation Center, located in the icon displayed below on the left side of your screen:

Inside of the Automation Center, you'll see that one of the options available to create strategies in the drop-down menu is Naming. It is also one of the tabs available on this module.

To start creating a naming strategy select "Naming" in the menu "+ New strategy..." This will take you to the screen below where you'll name your strategy.

As we said before, naming strategies can be very detailed, but always have to be set up for each level (Campaign, Ad Set and Ad):

For all of the template you'll be designing, you'll see a preview of how it will look like after you add some parameters to the template (and if you're not sure, you can change the campaign we're using as a template right as shown below)

Adding Dynamic Parameters is done using the menu on the right of each field. Once you hover on it, it will open like this:

Different parameters are available depending on the level you're looking at. For instance Ad Sets look like this:

So it's up to you to build your naming templates, based on conventions your already pre-established in your company, or according to specific details you want to keep track of! 

To give you an example, here's what it can look like:

Tip: Remember to separate the things you're adding with a symbol, to make it more readable. 

Now that you've designed your strategy, the next step if to decide which campaign group or ad account it's going to be applied to! 

The window that will be open will display all of the ad accounts you've connected to the Paragone platform, and inside of each one of them, you will find the Campaign Groups contained! 

If you select a Campaign Group, any campaign created inside of this campaign group (this is selected in the campaign flow) will have the naming strategy you created pre-selected for it! 

If you're applying your rule to the whole Ad Account, all campaigns creations done in the ad account will have your strategy pre-selected and ready to be applied. 

This is what your campaign flow would look like: 

Nothing to do in the Campaign Name input field, and lower in the Settings step, you'll find the Naming Strategy section: 

Here's our strategy pre-selected!

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