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What is Probability to Succeed and how to use it?
What is Probability to Succeed and how to use it?

Quickly identify campaigns that require your attention!

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When running campaigns in multiple ad accounts and channels it is challenging to identify what needs to be optimized first. The Probability to Succeed helps you save time and improve performance by highlighting the campaigns that have low and high chances to meet your goal.

The Probability to succeed is available in your Campaign List widget in the column CPA. You can enable and disable it as shown below.

When enabled, an additional indicator will be displayed next to the CPA value of each active campaign (circled in purple on the screen-shot below):

The Probability to Succeed can take 3 different values depending on the data of your campaign:

1- High probability that you'll meet your goals in the next 10 days


2- Low probability to meet your goal in the next 10 days (those are the campaigns in which you need to focus to improve performance)


3- Not enough data to calculate the probability


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