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What is Dynamic Language Optimization (DLO) and how to use it on Paragone
What is Dynamic Language Optimization (DLO) and how to use it on Paragone

Create easily multi-language campaigns for Facebook!

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Dynamic Language Optimization (DLO) is a tool that lets you show the same ad in multiple languages on a Facebook campaign🌍. This means you don't need to create various ad sets for each language and apply separate language targeting.

To create a DLO campaign on Paragone follow the steps below👣:

1. Select one of the campaign objectives that support it: Traffic, Conversions, Mobile App Installs, Reach, Brand Awareness, or Video Views.

2. Once you have selected your audience that will cover multiple languages, select photo/video as an ad format and follow the process below to choose the default and additional languages of your ad.


3. You now need to fill all the fields to create the ad in the default language. For the additional languages, you only need to fill the gaps that you want to display differently in that specific language.

If a field in a non-default language is left empty, that field will be completed with the information available in the default language selected. 🤚🏻

4. When all your language versions of the ad are ready, click on Create dynamic creative.

Once your ad is created you can navigate between the different versions by clicking on the flag icon as shown below.


To launch your campaign just follow the regular process as with other campaigns that you have created before on the platform.⚡️

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