One of the most important values of having a Workflow implemented in your media plan is to be able to keep track of all the important deadlines that should be met to successfully execute your plan. 

Here we explain all the possibilities offered by the platform to track all the activities but if you haven't created a Workflow yet, follow this article first to create one.

In the Calendar view or the Timeline tab of your Media Plan view you'll see that each task that has been set up in your Workflow is displayed as an icon.

When a task is completed, the manager of the task or someone with enough rights can confirm this by hovering over the icon of the task and clicking on "Mark as done". Once the button is clicked the icon of the task will be replaced by a checkmark icon in Timeline view and it will disappear from the Calendar view .

When the deadline of a task has expired there will be a red clock close to the icon to warn you ⏱:

Tasks can be edited directly from the Calendar view or Timeline tab following the process below:

On the upper side of the screen in the calendar view you'll have a section dedicated to all the tasks that are assigned to you and the ones that are delayed will be highlighted in red. You'll also see how many days left you have to complete a task.

It is also possible to display or not the tasks in your calendar view by clicking on the button highlighted in blue below.

Finally, remember that when sharing your media plan via a public link, you'll have the possibility of displaying or not the tasks in a Workflow as described here.

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