The successful execution of a media plan can involve several tasks that need to be done before activating the campaigns. Keeping track of all those tasks can be chaotic without a proper tool. 🤯

Workflows help you to solve this problem by allowing you to create tasks, assign managers to them and have reminders so you are always on top of all the activities of your media plan.  😌

Let's have a look at how to create them!

1.  Click on "+ New media plan"

Or if you've already started the creation of your media plan click on "Edit details"

2.  On the lower part of the window click on "+ New workflow"

3. A new window where you'll create the new Workflow will be opened. In this window you'll be able to:

  • Include a new task, give a name and icon to identify it (mandatory). The maximum number of tasks is 15

  • Select the manager of this task

  • Select how many days before the campaign launch this task needs to be done (validation period). The maximum validation period is 15 days and 5 task maximum can have the same validation period.

The screen will look similar to this.

If a task needs to be completed before moving to the next one, you can use the locks to let the system know. 

In the example above it means that you won't be able to send or approve the creatives if there is no confirmation from the legal department first.

Once you are done with the configuration click on "Create"

If you want to use the Workflow that you've just created (or previous ones) you can select it from the drop-down menu shown below:

Workflows can be re-used for all media plans of the same brand.

Now that you have created and applied a Workflow to your media plan you can check the article here to learn how to take advantage of it and track all your media planning activities. 🛤

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