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How to set up Collaborative Ads for Facebook?
How to set up Collaborative Ads for Facebook?

Brands and merchants finally connected!

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Collaborative Ads allow brands that sell products through retailers and merchants to run direct sales campaigns.

In Collaborative Ads, the merchant or retail partner shares a part of its product catalog (called Segment) with the brand. After that, the brand can use this segment to create retargeting or prospecting campaigns using the Catalog Sales objective. The set-up required to use collaborative ads is described below.

1. Find a merchant: If you are a brand that has an already established relationship with a retailer you can find here if the merchant is enabled by Facebook to run Collaborative Ads. 🀝

2. Create a new ad account that will only be used to run Collaborative Ads.☝🏽

3. Sharing the Catalog Segment from merchant to brand:Β 

In the Facebook Business Manager the merchant needs to go to the catalog section. There will be a specific tab Β for Collaborative Ads where Segments can be shared. The whole process is shown in the video below:

At the end of the process the merchant will have to insert the business ID of the brand in this screen:

4. The brand receives a notification in the Business Manager and can start using the catalog segment in Catalog Sales campaigns.

This is the end of the process 😌. Now that your set-up is complete you can review how to create campaigns with Collaborative Ads in Paragone by following this article.

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