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How can I add a poll to my IG Story?

Find out how to add a poll to my IG

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Instagram allows you to add polls to your IG story ads. Follow the guidelines below to take advantage of this functionality.📸

1. Make sure that you select one of the campaign objectives that support polls: Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic, App installs, Video views, Lead generation, Conversion, Store traffic.

2. In one of your adsets you must be exclusively targeting IG stories as a placement.

3. At the creatives step select "single ad" as a format,  you'll see a toggle button that allows you to add a poll to your ad.

You can easily customize the position and rotation of the sticker using the options highlighted below:

Once you are comfortable with the result, click on " + Create this creative" and follow the regular process to add this creative to your campaign. 

You can't edit the placement of an adset using Polls in an IG story because this action deletes the poll in the ad.  If you need to edit the placement, you need to first delete the ad that is using polls.⚠️

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