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How can I build an automatic tracking for my Twitter & Snapchat campaigns?
How can I build an automatic tracking for my Twitter & Snapchat campaigns?

Save time automating your tracking links for Twitter & Snapchat!

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Tracking the results of your campaign is pretty important but the implementation process could be also painful.🤕

We have already explained how the tracking automation works in Paragone in the article here. Now we will give you a bit more details of the specificities to set it up for Twitter & Snapchat campaigns.

When setting up the tracking automation for these networks you have to always select the option Rewrite URL displayed below.

If your plan is to add UTMs at the end of your URL (the typical case you would have in Google Analytics), in the URL domain part you would need to insert the dynamic parameter "Original link" displayed below (this is the link that you insert every time you create a Tweet or Snap ad with a link).

Then in the section of URL parameters insert all the UTMs that you want to add to your link.

If you are using a third party tracker such as Eulerian, you'll have to insert the link of the tracker in the "Url domain" and probably (it will depend on the third party) one of the url parameters will be the landing page of your posts. In that case, your set-up would look something like this.

⚠For now, the parameter tracking_id can't be used for S2S tracking in the case of Twitter and Snapchat. ⚠

Finally, don't forget that not all the dynamic parameters in the list can be used for Twitter or Snap campaigns, only the ones with no icon or the ones that show explicitly the icon of the network can be used. 

In the example below all the ones in red can be used for Twitter but the parameter "Carrier" can only be used for Snap.

A very important behavior to take into account:⚠️

Due to limitations of the Twitter & Snapchat API, to automate your tracking we are forced to create two ads; one with the original link that you'll input when creating the tweet or snap ad and another one with the tracking automation applied. 

We delete automatically the ad that contains no tracking automation but bear in mind that you'll find something like this in your report.

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