Once you have iterated enough on the media plan and when you think it is ready for execution, you can go to the left corner of the page and validate it. Remember to verify that all the campaigns have names, budgets, end, and start dates and have associated ad accounts.

What happens next?🤷🏽‍♂️

  • You'll be able to use auto-generated templates to create your actual campaigns. More information here.

  • The status of the media plan will change to "Validated".

What if I want to introduce new changes to the media plan after validation?👩🏼‍🔧

You can always introduce new changes to your media plan, just click on the button "Edit campaigns" as shown in the video below.

The event of changing a validated media plan is recorded in the collaboration tab.

⚠ Compared to the draft mode where all the changes are automatically saved, when you edit a validated media plan you need to click on the button "Update" so the changes are taken into account ⚠ 

We are now ready to start working on the execution of this media plan!🚀

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