Let's have a detailed look at all the options that this view offers.🔍

The media plan status: 

By default, all your media plans will start in Draft status, which means you are still in the process of building them and you haven't got to the final version. Clicking on "Validate the draft" will change the status to "Validated".

When a Media Plan is validated, the platform will create campaign templates that you should use to create your campaigns in the platform and that will contain the basic information that you had already filled in your media plan such as the dates of the campaigns, the budget and the names of the campaigns.

Duplicate your media plan: 

Do you want to create a new media plan based on a previous one or a draft? This would be the best option to use for that (in blue in the image below).

You can edit the dates and budget before completing the duplication and all the structures that you have built will be kept.

Share your media plan: 

Clicking on that option will allow you to get a public link that you can use to share your media plan with someone who has no access to the platform. This a read-only view, a person who has the link and no access to the platform won't be able to update the media plan.

Create a new element: 

With the red "+" buttons you will be able to add a new element to your media plan structure. You will find the 3 possibilities shown below.

Set your main KPI: 

You can define the main KPI for each element using the option displayed in red below.

It is possible to set your main KPI at the group or campaign, once the campaigns are running you will be able to follow up your main KPI in color codes in the calendar view. 

The objective will be colored in orange if the cost/objective is more than your goal or green if the cost/objective is less than your goal.


On this tab, you will find a calendar so you can verify how the campaigns look in a timeline.


On this tab, you'll find a preview of the creatives that are currently selected in your campaigns.


 On this tab, you will be able to interact with the people of your team, you can tag a person by using "@name".

The creation and validation events of the media plan are also recorded, so you can know who created the media plan and when it was validated.

That's all for this view! 👁

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