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How can I integrate Eulerian tracking into my campaigns?
How can I integrate Eulerian tracking into my campaigns?

Automatically generate links for Eulerian and have the data back to Paragone!

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If you are using Eulerian as a third-party tracker, you might have to build quite complicated URLs for your posts. πŸ€•Β 

Don't worry, we have a great solution for you to build the URLs automatically in our platform saving a lot of time. πŸš€

Before we start and if you are not familiar with tracking strategies and the Paragone automation center, we invite you to read this article. Follow the steps below to build your tracking automation for Eulerian.

1. Go to the Automation Center, click on "+ New strategy">Tracking, create a new strategy and give a name to it.

2. Open advanced settings and enable the option "Rewrite url"

In the Url domain field, enter the sub domain provided by Eulerian, this should be something with a similar structure compared to this link for example:

3. Insert the parameter mmr_uid={{mmr.tracking_id}} , followed by the rest of Eulerian parameters in the field "Url parameters" as shown in the screenshot below. the mmr_uid parameter is mandatory if you need a full integration and want to see Eulerian data in Paragone.

4. It is possible that Eulerian ask you to encode the URL of your landing pages, in that case, you need to build a custom dynamic parameter at the post level that encodes the URL as shown below.

And then add this new dynamic parameter to replace the regular URL of your post in the UTM tag eurl.

5. At the end of the process you should end up with something similar to what is shown below. This is the resulting URL that you'll have and the dynamic parameters will be taken from the set-up made in your campaign.

Finally, apply this tracking configuration to the ad account or campaign group that will use this integration.

If you would like to verify that the final link is correct, you can create a test campaign in off mode using the tracking automation strategy and verify that in the campaign report you have the desired URL when applying the breakdown "link".

With this, you should be good to take advantage of this integration!🎊


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