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It looks like my creative has been duplicated, why?
It looks like my creative has been duplicated, why?

A quick index of reasons why that happens!

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There are several reasons why you can encounter that kind of situation, so we'll look into each of them separately:

Your creative will always be duplicated if:

  • You're promoting a post, but you're using placements that differ from the original one (for instance you're using a Facebook post, and promoting it to Instagram, it usually duplicates when adding to the IG Feed). 

  • If you're adding the Instagram of Facebook Stories placement, it will always duplicate your creative. 

  • If you're using a tracking strategy that rewrites the URLs

  • When you are editing a creative, you are not actually changing the existing post, but you will duplicate the post, and edit the new one. That means you will end up with 2 posts, and your engagement will be split. 

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