Let's get to the final step of the Campaign Flow, the Settings. 

As usual, don't forget to choose a Campaign name, as well as a Campaign group where your Campaign will be sorted. 

Then, choose your Paragone objective (if you need more info on this, you can read some here). 

You can decide to leave your campaign on OFF for a while, or turn it on. 

Don't forget to set your budget, either daily, or Lifetime. The advanced options give you the option to set a daily as well a lifetime spend cap: 

You can also set a margin for the campaign. 

Set a start and end date (the end date is mandatory if you're doing a campaign with a Lifetime budget). 

Finally, choose The bid type, either auto or set at a specific amount, and decide on your billing event. For Impressions, you can choose a Frequency cap if you wish to! 

You can, at the end of the settings step, select a Snapchat Pixel:

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