From the very first moment you log in, you'll notice that your campaigns are grouped by Import dates: these are called Campaign Groups. 

You can manage these groups from the homepage, on the Ad Account level. You'll see a button saying "Manage Campaign Groups", like this:

Once you click there, you'll open a new window, with a list of all of your campaign groups, which will probably look like this:

You can then decide to edit an existing group or create a new one, but both options will get you to the same screen:

If you're modifying an existing Campaign group, the name will already be here, and you can change it however you see fit. 

Then you'll find a toggle for restrictions: this is more targeted towards a Community Manager role (for more information on the Roles and Permissions, it's over here!)

When defining restrictions, you can decide on a start and end date for all campaigns that will be created inside of this group. You will need to define a Maximum budget*, as well as a Margin percentage. 

At the very bottom, you'll find the option to Share with someone: for this option to be available, you'll need to have the option specified in the Tooltip (Can access all the data from shared ad accounts) not toggled on.

This enables us to list all of the users that are eligible for Campaign Group Sharing!

*Maximum Budget is a feature that stops the campaigns once their spend reach the defined budget. Since the verification is done every 15 minutes, you can experience some small overspend.

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