Campaign Group Management
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Paragone introduces a new level for campaigns - Campaign groups.

Every campaign you create in Paragone or import from the native platforms must be grouped.

We use these groups for automation rules, actions, advanced features and more.

Group Management Features

Campaign Group Names

A campaign group name will either have a default name based on their imported date, or can be named from the activation flow.

You can also rename it from the "Manage Campaign Groups" action.

Once clicked, you'll see the following screen, detailing all your available groups for the ad account:

By clicking "edit", you can rename your group to better organize your data.

Group Restrictions Setup

(Note: This particular feature is currently limited to Meta, Twitter & Snapchat)

As part of our governance features where several team members are working on the same account, an admin can set up restrictions for the group, such as:

  • Start/End date

  • Max budget (i.e. if the total spend of the campaigns within the group exceeds this budget, all of them will be paused)*

  • Margin (Set the margin that will be on top of the max budget)

  • Share with (i.e. which team member can create/edit campaigns within this group)

* Since our automation verification is done every 15 minutes, you can experience some small overspend.

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