What are Auto-promote campaigns?

If you're posting several posts a day on your Page, and aiming at promoting some of them, here's our solution!

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We know that for some users, there is a real need to be able to automate some of their actions, and we've already tried to give a lot of tools to enable this kind of solution. 

One other solution we've come up with is Auto-promotion.
This is a specific type of campaign, that does not rely on a specific creative, but rather on conditions on which your campaign will base the promotion (or "Boost") of organic posts. 

Whenever a post on your Facebook Page hits the set limit (for instance, a specific number of interactions, impressions, or reactions of a kind), it will be added a a creative in a running campaign. 

Once you've created your campaign with the 'Auto-Promote' setting on, it will run for the time period you set it to, and will contain all of the posts that fit the criteria you will have set. 

How can I use this?

In a normal campaign flow, once you reach the Creatives step, you'll see a new option popping up on your screen: 

You can choose to use an existing strategy from the drop down:

Or you can create a new auto-promote strategy, and set the conditions we talked about above, after naming your strategy:

Choose the criteria on which your campaign is going to be promoting posts on:

You can use as many conditions as you want to, based on the list of metrics in the drop down:

And there you have it, your auto-promotion strategies are live! 

Managing your strategies

You can find all of your strategies in the Automation Center, under the Auto-Promote tab:

For every strategy, you'll find the details of the conditions your created:

And the entities it applied to:

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