What is ThruPlay optimization?

This new optimization goal is aimed at getting video view closer to a complete viewing!

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Facebook has recently released a new Optimization Goal and Billing Event, called ThruPlay. It allows advertisers to optimize and choose to pay only for ads that are played to completion, or for at least 15 seconds.

These Optimization Goal and Billing Event is only available for Video View campaigns, both classic and Reach and Frequency, and has a few other requirements.

The following placements are available:

  • Facebook: Feed, In-Stream Video, Instant Articles, Suggested Video

  • Instagram: Feed, Stories

  • Audience Network

The following ad formats are available:

  • Single Video

  • Slideshow

  • Instant Experience (Not supported by ThruPlay billing option)

Where can I find it on Paragone? 

To use it on Paragone, get to the Campaign Flow for a Video View campaign, and at the Settings step, you can find it in the Optimization Goal section:  

Once you set the Optimization Goal as ThruPlay, you'll see that in the Billing Event section, the ThruPlay event will have replaced the Video Views one!

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