What's the Franchise feature?

Ever wanted to advertise to people based on the location of your different stores? And do so all at once? We've got what you need!

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For the companies that own several stores, located in different places, there is a clear need for an option to advertise to each of those locations, with budgets adjusted for each of them. 

So we've come up with a solution, leveraging the different stores you have set up in your Business Managed! 

Start by selecting the "Store Visits"  objective in the flow:

Once you've done so, in the Audience Step you'll notice a different field from usual: 

You can either choose to select one of the Business Locations you have set up in your Business Manager, or design a Custom Location for your ads. (If you haven't set up Business Locations, you can do so here). 

Choosing a Business location looks like this:

You can add all (or some) of the stores from your page - they will be split into Locations sorted by City of residence. 

If you want to you can also change the radius around your location(s), and/or the location type (as you would in the normal Audience Creation screen). 

After you made your choice, you can continue, and you'll get the option to split your budget between the locations selected: 

Doing so will create three audiences:

You can then add all three to your campaign, and the budget will be automatically split between each ad set created (one per audience)!

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