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How can I use Dynamic Audiences on Paragone?
How can I use Dynamic Audiences on Paragone?

Using information on what your customers do will help you target them better! Let's see how we can do that on Paragone!

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We've covered what Dynamic Audiences are previously, so let's see how they work on our platform! 

You'll have to be in the Audience step to create them, for campaigns with the Catalog Sales objective only! Because the campaigns are related to catalogs, you'll need to have used some beforehand. 

You will see the following option appear at the top of the Audience creation: 

You can either choose one of the previously created (or used) audiences:

Or you can create a new one from scratch: 

Let's look at all the fields you'll need to fill. 


Choose the type of Dynamic Audience you want to use. Product ones will rely on interactions with your Product Catalog, where Travel, Real Estate and Automotive will rely on Events coming from the source you'll select lower in the form. 

You can then name your Audience to find it again easily, as well as describe it to make sure you remember what this audience is used for! 

Event Source

This will only appear when you select anything else than the "Product" option in the type of audience (as explained above).

You'll get to select either events from your pixel, or your App, to filter out users in your Audience. 

Inclusions and Exclusions

Once you've selected the source of the events, you can decide to Include or Exclude people from your Audience.

You can add as many Inclusions and Exclusions as you wish! 

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