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​How can I create Playable Ads on Paragone?
​How can I create Playable Ads on Paragone?

Now that you know what they are, get a good look at how to create them!

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On the Paragone platform, Playable Ads is a format only available for Mobile App Install campaigns (for now...). 

Once you've selected the correct objective in the Campaign Flow, you'll have to create your Audience (and don't forget to choose the correct App you want to promote):

Let's look into how you can design your playable ad now! 

In the Creatives step, you'll need to select the correct format here: 

After that, design your ad however you want to, and don't forget to upload a Playable Asset! If you don't have one ready for use, you can send a message to Paragone and we can help you design one! 

Check if you selected the correct app, choose your Call to action, headline and input a Deferred deep link (a link to a specific place in your app, that will be opened once the user has downloaded the app).

Don't forget to select a video for the Ad to show when users are not playing yet ;)

Once all of that is done, you're good to go!

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