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What are playable Ads, and how can I make use of them?
What are playable Ads, and how can I make use of them?

The latest creative format is available on Paragone! Here's how to make the most of it.

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What is a Playable Ad? 

Playable Ads are interactive video ads for Mobile Apps. It enables the user to try the app with a reduced version of the product. Think of it as a pre-buy tryout! 

It gives your user the option to test drive the app, you can showcase it to a lot of people without having them download it first and engage users very easily! 

What do you need for a Playable Ad? 

You'll need a video, to start the ad. This is what will be displayed to the user when they scroll their feed. 

You'll need the demo, in HTML5 format, that you can upload on the Paragone platform. 

You'll need to select a Call to Action afterwards, to push your user to download your app! 

Facebook has some tips for you here! We also prepared some things for you on our blog ;)

Learn how to make them on Paragone here

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