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Creating a Twitter Campaign - Tuning the final settings
Creating a Twitter Campaign - Tuning the final settings

You're almost done with your Twitter campaign, let's fine tune it now!

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We're almost done! Let's look at the details you need to figure out before launching your campaign. 

Main Settings

As usual, don't forget to put a Campaign Name and put your campaign in a Group (either an existing one, or a a new one, created simply by typing a Group name). 

Your Campaign KPI is more of a personal indicator than anything. This is the Paragone objective, and based off of it, your indicators will either be green (if your results are close to your objective), or orange (the further you get from your objective).

Then, choose whether you want to start with your campaign turned on or off (if you want to prepare your campaign for later for instance). 

Funding Instrument - Select a Credit Line. This is mandatory before you can start any campaign. If you don't have any available, you can follow instructions on how to do it here!

Then, choose your maximum daily budget, and if you wan to, you can add some advanced settings for your budget: 

In there, you can set a total budget and a Margin (your Budget with Margin will automatically update based on what you'll input). 

Finally, you can set a Start and End date for your campaign! 

Bidding and advanced settings

In terms of Optimization Goals, you'll have two options: Link Clicks, or Website Conversions. Simply select what you want users to do when they see your ad!

Key conversion metric is the website tag most important to you for tracking the performance of this campaign.

Your Bid Amount gives you the option between an Auto Bid, where you'll let Twitter try to aim for the lowest average bid; Target where you can set a target cost, and Twitter will aim for it (on average); and you can choose Max, where you'll set a maximum cost for your bids. 

Finally, the Budget Pacing: choosing the Standard pacing will spend all of your budget at a normal pace, for the whole duration of the campaign. If you decide on the Accelerated pace, Twitter will spend the budget for your campaign as quickly as possible. 


Once you're all done with your settings, we'll give you one last look at your campaign when clicking on the Next button:

From there, you can change your Bid, but also open each Ad if you want to, to make sure what you're advertising:

If you're satisfied with what you're seeing, you're ready to go! 

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