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How can I use the Instagram Stories Placement?
How can I use the Instagram Stories Placement?

Make the most of the immersive Instagram format!

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To utilize the Instagram Stories on our platform, here's what you need to do: 

In the Campaign Creation Flow, in the Audience step, you'll get the option to choose placements. The Instagram Story placement will usually be pre-selected already, as shown below: 

Now, once you've added your audience to your campaign, you can preview and edit the Story you'll be creating in the Creatives step: 

Depending on the image you choose, your preview will change, as it usually does! 

You can also use Carousels in your Instagram stories, but take the following into account.

  • If you want to use vertical images or videos for your IG stories only 3 cards maximum are allowed in the carousel and the only placement selected should be Stories (in the other placements the vertical images might be cropped)

  • If your images are not vertical (for example 600x600px) you can add more than 3 cards and add other placements to your Stories campaigns but your images will be adapted to something similar to what is shown in the image below and only the first card of the carousel will be displayed by default. To see all cards of the carousel a user on IG would need to click on Expand Story  (in red below).

If you want to know more about the other placements available, you can read here

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