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How can I save drafts of my Campaigns?
How can I save drafts of my Campaigns?

If you're working on a campaign, but you can't finish it immediately, you can save a draft!

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Sometimes, now is not the best time to finish setting up your campaign! 

At any point in the Campaign Flow, you can use the buttons at the top right of the page to Save it for later: 

Afterwards, you'll find all of the drafts you've created (and also the ones your team created) available in the Load Draft menu! 

You can also delete any of the drafts you've saved:

Whenever you're loading a draft to keep going, you'll come back to the exact step you left off! Once you've loaded, if you wish to save it again (and use it any number of times), you can either create a new Draft, or update the one previously loaded! 

As a side note, you can also save a draft from a duplicated campaign!

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